Thursday, September 11, 2014

11 of 30

Misty Morning, 6x8", Watercolor
11 of 30
WHEW! Caught up once again. Obviously since I am traveling I a unable to attempt complicated images.  The challenge in this one was to keep it high key. I painted lightly on purpose. Really.

We are starting to pack our bags, getting ready to leave in the morning.  I have confirmed that the movers will meet us at the storage unit by 10 am.  We have to be one the road leaving Savannah by 1 to make our 6pm reservation at South City Kitchen, Vinings. Who knows what the weekend rush hour traffic will be like as we make our way around HOTlanta.  It's always a challenge

Change is inevitable. It has been wonderful having our daughter home for the summer.  Now we get to re establish our empty nest. Our kitten will be confused since she is bonded to our daughter but having a pet sitter for the past week will ease her transition.  Wonder what will ease mine?

I am grateful for the many blessings of my life as it is today. 

Start where you are
Love what you have
Do what you can

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