Friday, January 04, 2013

4 Paintings in 4 Days!

So far, so good! I have managed to continue writing Morning Pages, eliminate sugar from my diet and paint daily.  Strangely I am doing more watercolors due to limited time in my studio.  Having fun creating 5x7 paintings...

I have been listening to archived sessions of the Artists Helping Artists podcasts on - it gives me a chance to hear Leslie Saeta with Dreama Tolle Perry as co host on the early 2012 episodes. It's great to hear Drema smile.

So my painting on January 3rd was of one of our cats, affectionately called "Moo" because he is a big as a cow at 20 lbs.  This is watercolor over a pencil sketch

January 4th I painted angel wing begonias, also from photo reference. This a pencil sketch, enhanced by fine marker, then watercolors. Really fun to schmoosh around with the paints.

so far, so good on the New Years intentions.  These shots were taken with my iphone with simple lighting.  I intend to take better shots in daylight next week.

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