Wednesday, January 07, 2015

7 of 30

Sarlat Hydrangeas, 6x6", watercolor, $75
7 of 30

Today I completed a secret pet portrait that is scheduled to be given as a gift this weekend to a lucky person (IMHO).  I will post it Sunday after delivery. So I needed to paint a second painting to post today.  It's really, really cold in Cincinnati tonight. I decided to work in watercolors since I am home, safe & warm. I can't work in oils at home because we have cats who get into everything.

My home studio

I loved the hydrangeas of France, as well as the blue, blue pottery.  While visiting Sarlat on market day, we stopped for lunch at this restaurant (displaying the hydreangeas) for a traditional mushroom omlette.  The side benefit to sitting down in a restaurant vs buying your lunch at one of the many vendors is you get access to the flush toilet / restroom in the restaurant vs the crude public facilities.  Well worth the money & wait (again, IMHO)  The mushrooms of the region are amazing!

Rosalee Haas shows off the mushrooms collected in the nearby woods.
Here are a few more images of the market day, Sarlat, FR.

There were many streets filled with booths, then at 1 pm they all disappeared.


More sausages...
I truly loved my time in France.  Everywhere you look there was a potential painting.  Truly visual overwhelm.

I am grateful for the many blessings of my life as it is today. 

Start where you are
Love what you have
Do what you can

Information on my upcoming group show "Inspired by Abroad" can be found here

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