Thursday, September 07, 2017

7 of 30 | Watercolor portrait

by Marion Corbin Mayer
Watercolor portrait, NFS
Today I had a lot of errands to run so did not get into my studio. However the Cincinnati Art Club offers a weekly sketch group on Thursday evenings. This week there was a male model, set up for portrait sketching.  I decided to use a method I learned via Laurie Wigham, an urban sketcher on Facebook. Her method is to block in the shapes with watercolor, then add details with water soluble pencils.  I managed to find my water soluble graphite pencil & decided not to break out the watercolor crayons.  I think I captured his haunting expression.

work by Marion Corbin Mayer
I was a considerable distance from the model.

Another day of painting loosely, if not very colorfully.  I enjoyed creating the layers of shadows.  In watercolor you have to sneak up on the darks and try to preserve the white of the paper for your light areas. It's pretty much the opposite of painting in oils!

Sketch group at the Cincinnati Art Club is included in the annual membership fee.  They meet Mondays, 1-4 pm & Thursdays, 7-10 pm.  It's a great opportunity for Cincinnati artists to hone their drawing skills.

I am grateful for the blessings of my life as it is today.

Start where you are
Love what you have
Do what you can

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