Friday, September 08, 2017

Remembering the Keys before Irma | 8 of 30

Keys Sunrise, before Irma, 5x7" oil on panel
Today I continued to think of my friends & family in Florida. I looked over my photographs from a trip to Islamorada in the Keys and found this sunrise.  We were staying at a resort called Pines and Palms.  I truly hope they survive the storm surge, especially since we are planning to stay there in February 2018. Who knows what will happen. I've learned that the Hemingway House in Key West has staff who are sheltering in place with the large collection of 6 toed cats.  It was built on the highest point of Key West, so hopefully they will be fine.

I chose to intensify the colors since the situation is so intense at the moment...

I hate the uncertainty.  I am grateful to not be trying to evacuate, stuck in traffic.  Ohio seems boring at times but it sure is a great place to live usually.

Tonight I attended an opening at the Cincinnati Art Club.  It was great to see my work in the company of such talented artists' work.

Wherever you are, may you be safe, warm & dry...

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