Sunday, September 17, 2017

Bourbon Cottage, 17 of 30

Watercolor by Marion Corbin Mayer
Bourbon Cottage, 3x5" watercolor sketch, 17 of 30
This weekend we went to Makers Mark distillery for Chihuly after Dark. It was fun to tour the distiller and learn how bourbon is made.  Having the Chihuly installations around was icing on the cake.  They really showed nicely as dusk began to fall. There was an interesting cottage near "Whiskey Creek", across from one of the smaller barrel warehouses.  There are more bourbon barrels in Kentucky than people!

Of course we got to sample the wares. You could even dip the bottle you bought into the red wax yourself! They had a lovely cocktail mixed up of bourbon, triple sec, ginger ale & orange slices. Very refreshing. Afterwards we stayed at a Hampton Inn in Lebanon, KY.  Maker's Mark is way out in the country...

On the way home we stopped at Shaker Village for lunch. Beautiful grounds and good food.

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